Golden Buddha "This entertaining book not only explains the teaching of the Buddha, but encourages the reader to explore the liberating experience of enlightenment."
- Rev. Marcus Braybrooke
Chair, World Congress of Faiths

Church "I write as a Roman Catholic trained in philosophy and theology. I recommend this delightful read as a true spiritual journey. From the first pages, Dr. Lenz surfs the reader right into a wonderful spiritual ambience. Agree or not with every point in his doctrine, one cannot escape a heightened sense of the divine. That is a big gift to our secular culture. Dr. Lenz's work will undoubtedly help bridge a gap, and East will come closer to West and vice versa. That is true development of doctrine, a great accomplishment indeed."
- Marvin Bordelon
President, American Conference on Religious Movements, Washington, DC

Ladahk "Last year I visited Tibet, where, despite the oppression of the Tibetans, I sensed the amazing spiritual energy of the dazzling Himalayan mountains. With humour and a lively style of writing, Frederick Lenz conveys the spiritual enlightenment to be found in Tantric Buddhism and helps a Western reader to enter easily into that tradition.
The book is an enjoyable and illuminating read."
- Rev. Marcus Braybrooke
World Congress of Faiths
Oxford, England