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Weekend Water Skier Podcast
12 MIN2017 APR 1
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Radar Skis
It was strange talking about Radar Skis without speaking with Chris Sullivan. However, this year I had the chance to talk with Brooks Wilson about the current state of the Radar line up. Actually I had the chance to talk with Chris Rossi and Brooks Wilson, but forgot to get the
Radar Firebolt
There was no way I could review the Radar lineup without talking about the Radar Firebolt trainers. These are skis that I think my own kids would love to play with – even if they never skied on them. The skis top face is a white board surface that kids can color in with the included markers. The skis even have some great humor for the adults, including a submarine that looks like it’s straight off a Beatles album cover.
Ski Lineup
We started with the Senate. Brooks called this Radar’s most versatile ski in the line that anyone can hop on and feel good. This year’s Senate brought a lot of technology down from last year’s Vapor.
The Vapor skis use a new advance on the inside:PMI foam. This may not sound like much, but it creates a huge jump from PVC cores. Radar says that this new PMI foam does for the core of a ski what carbon fiber did for the body. Carbon fiber made the ski rebound back to its original shape more quickly allowing it to get back to speed quicker. PMI foam takes this all the way through the ski, making the ski rebound faster. This foam is also damps vibration better than PVC giving the ski a more forgiving ride in rougher water.
As we looked down to the entry level of the line, Brooks told me that Radar has taken carbon fiber construction through the whole line of skis, even on their Katana. They’ve seen how this material has helped make skis better, so they’ve worked to make it available to everyone. Seeing carbon fiber on an entry level ski is amazing considering how few years ago it was an innovation that was only available to the top skiers on the high-end skis from a few manufacturers.
Vapor Boots
Usually the manufacturers tell me about one of their top-end boots and I listen so I can report it to you. At the same time I usually wonder why I’d ever get a boot separate from my ski. This year I decided to try out the Radar Vapor boot with my ski. I was drawn in by the carbon fiber infused shell that blends the comfort of a soft shell boot and the responsiveness of a hard shell. At least that’s the claim. I’ll let you know more as I try the boots out this season.
Wilson Brothers
Brooks Wilson shared with me how he loves sharing the joy of being on the water, whether that’s pushing a short line in tournament or riding a door behind a boat. He
Radar Skis
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