Head, Heart & Hustle

Allen Plummer

Head, Heart & Hustle
71 MIN2016 NOV 18
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In this episode, I interview my good friend Brian Ward (@BWard028), a producer for Shout! Factory in Los Angeles. Like CeCe Pleasants, the profile of our first episode, Brian spent some of his teen years in Richmond, VA and worked at an amusement park. (In fact, he worked for me, dressing up as Yogi Bear while I ran the park's character program.)

As I mentioned in the introduction to the podcast, Brian and CeCe were both influential in making Head, Heart & Hustle a reality, and I was thrilled when he and I finally got an interview scheduled. As you'll see, he's a busy guy with a podcast of his own, constant cosplay projects, hosting panels at major conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, and creating short films in just 48 hours with friends - all on top of a filmmaking and production job.

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