Group Answers Podcast with Chris Surratt and Brian Daniel

Chris Surratt & Brian Daniel

Group Answers Podcast with Chris Surratt and Brian Daniel
36 MIN2016 FEB 10
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SUMMARY: In this episode, Brian and Rick speak with Allan Taylor, the Director of Christian Education at LifeWay, about his years of experience as a minister of education. Allan explains how his tenure as a high school football coach impacts his understanding of leadership among Christian educators. In both situations, the first rule is not to play against yourself, and the second rule is to practice the basic fundamentals of the game. Allan also shares his concern about the declining significance of evangelism among group ministries and talks about how his new position at LifeWay enables him to connect with and assist ministers of education from all over the country.
In addition, Brian and Rick discuss a blog post by Mark Miller titled Harry Piland’s Impact and examine Harry Piland’s nine tools for growing Sunday school classes. Rick also shares his list of the week: Three Types of New Group Members and How to Keep Them.
The Groups Matter Podcast is a weekly show designed to resource, train, and encourage small group leaders. Each episode considers current trends and resources as well as timeless truths and methods of discipleship. It is hosted by Brian Daniel, a Bible study expert from the LifeWay Groups Ministry Team, and Rick Howerton, the discipleship and small group specialist at LifeWay and author ofAllan Taylor is the Director of Christian Education for LifeWay Christian Resources. Before coming to LifeWay, he most recently served as Minister of Education at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia, for 20 years. He also served London Bridge Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Beaver Dam Baptist Church, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Before entering the ministry, he was a high school football coach and Sunday School director at his church. He has been married to Linda for 37 years. They have three married children and three grandchildren. He can be reached at allan.taylor@lifeway.com.
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