Concept To Cash Flow

Dr. Amy Cannatta

Concept To Cash Flow
47 MIN2017 FEB 16
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Originally from Scotland and now living in Australia, Joanna Turner calls herself a business nomad who travels the world as an entrepreneur.


She shares her story of traveling the globe and doing amazing things in a search for what life is really about.  Like many of us, a crisis led her into Health Coaching.  Through her own struggles, she dug deeper to the emotional issues that were holding her back.  And it took her to her relationship with money.


Money is a spiritual currency that allows us to expand our mind around what is possible.


Our values and beliefs are formed by the time we’re 7 years old.  Once you realize you can create shifts and take responsibility for yourself, life can drastically change.


What stops you from making money?  Joanna helps to dig deeper to start to ask questions to underlying layers to your personal money flow.  Listen to Joanna’s tips for helping to create shifts that your brain and your body believe to help you co-create the life that serves others.


Money blocks don’t always disappear the first time.  You can clear blocks at the level you’re currently at.  As you up-level, things will come back.  So we have to keep at it.  That’s the Soul Work!

There are so many golden nuggets of information that I can’t wait to share them with you!


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