Gas Station Business 101 Podcast - How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Gas Station Business

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Gas Station Business 101 Podcast - How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Gas Station Business
45 MIN2016 APR 22
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This episode is for people that are still thinking about getting into the business but haven't actually taken the plunge. You can read and listen to as many books or podcast as you want but if you don't take the plunge to actually getting into one it will just get harder as time goes by. Remember the opportunities are being taken every day and time and tide waits for none right?

Steps you can take to get into a business now.

  1. First is soul searching?
  2. Look at your financial situation and come up with a budget
  3. Find that business
  4. Do your due diligence
  5. Buy the business
  6. Work hard at the business learn everything you can learn for at least 6 months
  7. Grow your business and enjoy the fruit

The book I have this week is called 4-hour chef by Tim Ferris, remember when I recommended his first best seller the 4-hour work week? I was fascinated by his work, he is the one who first said as long as you know little more than the average person on any topic, and you can be an expert on it. Well in this book he talks about how a person who has no interest in cooking can get into it and create some awesome things, the best thing in this book in my opinion is where he talks about META-LEARNING. Well read the book and you will know what I am talking about.

One quick announcement, I am putting the finishing touches on my new book that I have been working for last few months, it has been a long drawn process for sure but a very rewarding one to say the least. This book is about how to increase 25% sales in retail business in just 60 days. I spoke a lot about how to increase sales in various episodes here but this is truly a summary of all that. I will let you know once the book goes live on Amazon.

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