How to Become a Consultant Podcast

Joseph R. Sanok

How to Become a Consultant Podcast
11 MIN2015 AUG 12
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Here's what Rick Mulready has to say about how to become a consultant: 


Hey, what’s up!  I’m Rick.

I’m a New Hampshire-born, gluten-free, ice hockey loving, bulletproof coffee drinking dude who got tired of the long cold winters and headed west to Southern California about 9 years ago.

When I packed my car up to drive to the west coast, I knew just two people in LA.  I also didn’t have a place to live or job lined up.  I just went for it, which is kinda my style.

It’s safe to say I had no clue what I was getting myself into.  9 years later, though, I can easily say it was the best decision I ever made.

Maybe it’s because it’s 72 degrees and sunny here pretty much every day.

Maybe it’s because I met my now wife here.

Or maybe it’s because we now live in one of the coolest cities, San Diego, among our amazing friends.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the life I’ve created.

What I’m All About

We’ll get a bit more into my story here in a second, but let’s chat real quick about what I’m all about.

If you’re an entrepreneur/small business owner looking to actually use social media, specifically Facebook ads, to strategically grow your business without the overwhelm, you’re in the right place.

If you’re an online marketer and you’re ready to implement a killer Facebook ads strategy for your clients or the company you work for, you’re also in the right place.

If you’re looking to get more leads and sales for your business, build awareness, grow revenues…yep, you’re in the right place!

Here’s How I Can Help You Grow Your Business

I believe that social media marketing, specifically Facebook, is a skill that entrepreneurs and online marketers who want to thrive in today’s marketplace NEED to master.

Like it or not, it’s become a “pay-to-play” game for businesses on social media.  And the people who accept this and embrace it are the one’s winning.

Sure, it would be really easy for me to say things like, “you’re business will DIE without Facebook ads.”  Or “you’ll get swept up by the competition if you’re not using Facebook ads…”

…well, if I said those things, I’d be lying.

I know there are plenty of businesses out there doing just fine without any Facebook marketing strategies.

All I can offer you is this: by using Facebook ads in my business and those of my clients, we’re able to automate our businesses.  We know exactly how many leads and sales we can expect for our business every day.

The cool thing is, you don’t need to spend much money (or time) in order to see success. You just need to at least have a basic understanding of what the heck you’re doing.

And rather than trying to figure out which social media “expert” or oh yea, “guru”, (that’s my favorite) to listen to or waste your time searching through countless websites…

…when you subscribe here to RickMulready.com you’ll get proven tactics, strategies and case studies that grow businesses every day.

I’ll show you what’s working with Facebook ads and what’s not — without the fluff.

The Podcasts

In addition to helping you get results from Facebook marketing and social media, I’m also the host of the Art of Paid Traffic and Inside Social Media podcast.

The Art of Paid Traffic reveals the best paid traffic tips, tactics and strategies for generating leads and sales for your business on autopilot. Discover how to create freedom in your business through paid traffic without having to empty your wallet in the process.

Learn how to automate your leads and sales from the top experts in paid traffic on Facebook ads, to YouTube ads, Twitter ads, Google Adwords, retargeting, native advertising, Instagram, LinkedIn ads, sales funnels, analytics, landing pages, sales pages, how to write good ad copy, banner ads, ad networks, buying email lists, affiliate marketing and more.

Everything that’s working right now (and not working) to help you create a killer sales machine for your business so you know exactly where your next lead and sale are going to come from.

On the Inside Social Media podcast, I bring you inside access to heads of social media from the most successful brands in the world, as well as the smartest social media influencers around.  Think Red Bull, Ford, Virgin, MTV, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.

We discuss the latest trends in social media marketing, how these big brands use social media to grow their business and most importantly, we break down exactly how YOU can immediately model and apply their strategies and principles for your own business with little to no budget.