The Upline Chat Podcast with Kirsten Tyrrel

Kirsten Tyrrel

The Upline Chat Podcast with Kirsten Tyrrel
36 MIN2017 MAY 6
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Today is such a treat! I chatted with the creator of the MLM that I work for- or should I say party plan. Cara came from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of her attitude towards direct sales companies. Originally thinking it was a pyramid scheme with fierce manipulation, her tune changed when she realized how fun it was for the distributors, the financial freedom it created and how brilliant the concept could be for helping her most loyal users and make money from sharing the product she had created!

The rest is history, and you'll find me forever in her debt for making it possible for me to create freedom for my family both with time and finances. Cara's sharp business sense and positive mentality have taken her far, from the creation of the makeup itself to the way she runs her company now with just under 2,000 artists enrolled.

How often do we get an opportunity to hear it from this perspective? The person who literally made it possible for us to make our dreams come true?!

Thank you Cara for sharing your vision, what the future of Maskcara looks like and the story behind this rapidly growing "newbie" on the MLM scene!


Looking to dominate your direct sales business? You're in the right place! Thanks for listening!