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Who's Who in St. Lou Show
60 MIN2016 FEB 25
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Marshall Haas, the CEO & co-founder of Need/Want joins the show to talk about how getting accepted into Arch Grants brought him to St. Louis originally back in 2012 with his company at the time called Obsorb. This company was then acquired by a company in Vancouver B.C. called MetaLab in which Marshall went with for a few months to help with the acquisition before returning to St. Louis.

Marshall then goes on to talk about some of the products that Need/Want offers including Smart Bedding, Mod Notebooks, the Peel Case for iPhones and Emoji Masks.

Of course, being a entrepreneur in the world of startups is not for the faint of heart. Marshall shares the story behind some of the challenges that Smart Bedding went through getting from concept to Kickstarter to actual delivery to backers and other customers.

One of the other things that caught my attention about Marshall and Need/Want was the companies transparency and his focus on 8:36pm. Marshall talks about why they why he creates animated gifs to document that brief moment of the day which you can follow at 836pm.marshallhaas.com.


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Guest Faves of St. Louis

  • Favorite St. Louis attraction - City Museum
  • Favorite restaurant - The Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, Blood & Sand
  • Favorite thing about St. Louis - The feeling of being able to make a true impact
  • What would you like to see St. Louis change? - See downtown get larger in regards to foot traffic and people coming downtown
  • Specifically for the out of town listener - Make sure to get around and see different areas of St. Louis



St. Louis fun fact

Union Station in St. Louis used to be the largest railroad station in the world and was the location where the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" picture of President Harry S. Truman was taken. Also, a boxing scene from the film "Escape from New York" by John Carpenter was filmed in Union Stations Grand Hall.



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