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Northwest Bible Church – May 14, 2006 – Series 1&2 Kings – Worship Service – Alan Conner

1 Kings 15:25-16:7

Sinners in the Hands of a Sovereign God


NADAB – sinful and short reign (15:25-32).

1) Son of Jeroboam, both physically and spiritually (15:26).

2) Achievements (15:27): laid seige to Gibbethon, Philistia.

3) Death by Baasha (vv. 27-28). Short reign – 2 years.

4) Family line of Jeroboam hits a dead end (v. 29).

a) Sin brings instability.

The northern kingdom of Israel is much more unstable than Judah. Over Israel’s 200 year history they have 20 kings with 9 different families on the throne. Judah also has 20 kings, all from the line of David, but they reign over 350 years. The turbulence and instability in Israel is greater because of their greater commitment to idolatry and sin.

Sin never lets you hang on to anything for very long. Sin wants to bring instability and a swift end to your blessings.

b) Sin brings judgment from God.

“According to the word of the Lord (v. 29).” See Ahijah in 1 Kings 14:10-11, 14. See God’s control and sovereignty:

(1) Not just “allowed” but divinely planned, 14:10.

(2) Event is planned – “calamity, cut off, sweep” (14:10).

(3) Person – 14:14; 16:7. Baasha was God’s chosen instrument.


#1- God can use any sinner, anytime, for any purpose to accomplish His good and holy will.

#2 –Evil in our world today is not out-of-control, but is under God’s control.

BAASHA – sinful and long reign.

1) Military man (15:27).

2) Coronation and spiritual assessment (15:33-34).



                                    Spiritual blindness:

3) Rebuked by Jehu, son of Hanani (16:1-4).

Message: Baasha’s idolatry and murder (16:7) will cause his house to be destroyed like the house of Jeroboam (16:2-3).

4) Baasha’s death (16:6).

The whole 24 year of his reign, between his coronation and his death is a big blank according to the Spirit of God. In fact the only thing separating his coronation from his obituary is a prophet’s rebuke.

Lessons to learn:



a) Life can be easily wasted.



b) How profitable is our life in the eyes of God?