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Northwest Bible Church – Feb. 5, 2006                                 Worship Service – Alan Conner

1 Kings 3-4

The Blessings of Wisdom


Last time we saw how Solomon prayed a Kingdom building prayer and asked for a “hearing heart” so that he could judge and rule over the people of God in a righteous and just manner. In essence, he asked for wisdom that he might be a blessing to his people.

This morning we want to see the wisdom that God gave to Solomon and its blessings in his life and the life of the kingdom of God.


Wisdom given to Solomon. See 1 Kings 3:11-12, 28; 4:29-34.

Wisdom in the O.T.       “Wisdom” = masterful skill.

1) Master craftsmanship.    Ex. 28:3; 31:2-11.

2) Masterful skill in living.   Wisdom teaches a man to fear God and to say yes to                                      righteousness and no to sin. Proverbs is full of practical wisdom.


The blessings of wisdom in Solomon’s life.

1) Wise discernment of character - 3:16-28.

2) Wise administrator –

a) Gifted organizer: 4:1-19
b) Powerful overlord: 4:21, 24, 26
c) Lavish provisions for his court: 4:22-23

Daily provisions: Keil, the German commentator, has the following estimates,

30 + 60 kors of fine flour and meal (1 kor = 50 gallon barrel) = 90 kors = 28,000 lbs of bread each day and @ 2 lbs per person = 14,000 in Solomon’s court.

10 + 20 oxen, + 100 sheep = 21,000 lbs of meat at 1 1/2 lbs per person also = 14,000 people. This is not an unreasonable figure.

3) Blessed nation, vv. 20-25.

The blessings of wisdom in Proverbs.   Pr. 3:13-18, 21-24; 4:5-9

Wisdom found in Jesus Christ. Col. 2:3


Understand that wisdom is given only by God.

Wisdom must be sought. Prov. 2:1-7.

The three “R’s” of growing in godly wisdom:

R                                 .

R                                 .

R                                 .


Sadly wisdom can be lost. Incredibly this will be true of Solomon. The wisest man that ever lived, was not wise enough to hang on to the wisdom he had.

How to lose wisdom:

Neglect the Word.

Strive for knowledge without application.

Do not maintain your fear of the Lord. (obedience, reverence)