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Risen Motherhood
19 MIN2017 OCT 25
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From elaborate, Pinterest-worthy birthday bashes to simple celebrations with donuts and family, birthday parties can look wildly different in every family. But for moms today, planning a birthday party can feel a little like a competition against online strangers, our friends, and even ourselves. One thing all parties do is reveal a mom’s heart. In this episode, Emily and Laura discuss birthday parties and ask, “What’s our heart motivation?” Since our worth is secure with Christ, moms can stop chasing perfection, even in something like party planning. The gospel invites us to see each birthday as pause for a yearly celebration of God’s work in our children’s lives.


We want to recognize that birthdays can be hard for moms who have lost a child too soon, either inside or outside of the womb. Moms who have experienced miscarriage and infant loss can also glorify God as they mourn and celebrate what God did in and through that child’s life, even if it was short. Even though we don’t address this directly in the show, we’re thinking about you, and hope you will be blessed and encouraged by some of these resources:

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