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Cody Gough and Jonathan Martin

Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast
62 MIN2017 MAR 30
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Jon gives a very thorough Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review… 3 years after Cody reviewed the game on their old podcast, Unqualified Gamers. Hear how the game withstood the test of time, including Jon’s specific recommendations for the best way to enjoy playing it for the first time.

Show Notes:

* Cody reviewed Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 3 years ago on his and Jon’s old podcast,  Unqualified Gamers

* Here is Cody explaining the storyline to Lightning Returns to Jon, with hilarious results
* Here is Cody fully reviewing the game, in addition to he and Jon using Google Hangouts for the first time ever (!)
* BONUS VIDEO: Cody and Jon present a hilarious Lightning Returns UNBOXING VIDEO!

* Jon covers the story and setting of the game, explaining why he thinks it’s actually really well done and probably the strongest thing about the game
* Learn what the game does right and what it does wrong, especially when it comes to equipment and armor progression and when it comes to the “time limit” imposed throughout the whole game

Jon is a married gamer with a 3-year-old, so he has a limited amount of time to play video games. He has been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since childhood and has played every “main entry” in the series, and his co-host Cody has similar feelings towards the series. Hear Jon’s review from the point of view of a guy who is careful with how he spends his free time!

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