Tales from the Porkside

Corey & Patrick

Tales from the Porkside
38 MIN2017 OCT 4
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Ryan joins Corey and Patrick to help pitch Wishmaster 5 to any studio execs who are listening. Djourney with us through human history as we explore the influence of djinn across human history, and on a young man whose only wish is to be a shoe…

"When God breathed life into the universe…the light gave birth to Angels…the earth gave birth to man..the fire gave birth to the djinn, creatures condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds."

This is Tales from the Porkside, a dark and humorous porkcast with your hosts, Corey and Patrick. Each tale is unplanned, unprepared, and most likely offensive. Strap on your seat belt before embarking on this auditory journey into a land where morals are absent and the pork is flowing.