Go Mode: A Link to the Past Randomizer Podcast

timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy

Go Mode: A Link to the Past Randomizer Podcast
97 MIN2018 DEC 19
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Ten! Zehn! Kymmenen! timp, Axeil, and Hurfydurfy celebrate this double-digit milestone the best way they know how: Talkin’ Rando. Join the Go Mode Podcast crew for a closer look at the beginning of the bracket stage of the Fall tournament and a discussion about some, erm, quirks with the group qualifier method, as well as a brief Challenge Cup update. And I guess timp and Hurf have been good this year because a special visitor drops by! FEATURE: The crew goes exterminating as they blaze a trail through aLttP’s 3rd Crystal dungeon, Skull Woods.


2018 Fall Tournament Challonge: https://alttp.challonge.com/fall2018rando
Challenge Cup Challonge: https://challonge.com/alttprcc2018

Qirn’s email: “The Fill Algorithm”: https://pastebin.com/4fP0Eehn
“How to Read the Logic” by fantallis: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vh5voea4s0e3cha/how_to_read_the_logic.pdf?dl=0

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