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AcaGeekz 02 – “One Man Vocal Band”

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Welcome!  This week, we’re celebrating the first month of the year with an episode all about the One Man Vocal Band!  I know there are plenty of ladies who do solo a cappella, and I intend to give them their own episode in the future.  I Hope you enjoy the special little bonus at the end!

It’s my hope that AcaGeekz will introduce the casual listener and the hardcore a cappella fan alike to some groups and styles they’ve never heard before.  Whether it be Barbershop, collegiate, doo wop, high school, choral, jazz, funk, pop, rock, or classical, there’s something for everyone!

It’s time to give the tracks for this episode their due credit.  So here they are, the tracks for AcaGeekz “One Man Vocal Band”!

Apple Podcast and Stitcher Promo:

Song Title: “Can’t Sleep Love” Artist: Pentatonix Album: Pentatonix (Deluxe) (2015) Website: www.ptxofficial.com

You can purchase Pentatonix (Deluxe) by Pentatonix at: http://www.ptxofficial.com


Song Title: “Paul” Artist: Paul Cingolani from +4db Album: +4db (2000) Website: N/A

You can purchase +4db by +4db at: http://www.amazon.com/4db-Plus-Four-db/dp/B0001WW2KI

SONG #1:

Song Title: “Moneyman” Artist: Scott Leonard Album: 1man1mike (2008) Website: www.rockapella.com

You can purchase 1man1mike by Scott Leonard at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1man1mike/511893372 SONG #2:

Song Title: “Papercut” Artist: Corey Slutsky Album: Lucky Oysters EP (2013) Website: www.voicesonlyacappella.com

You can purchase Lucky Oysters EP by Corey Slutsky at: https://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Oysters-Corey-Slutsky/dp/B009XY5Y3C SONG #3:

Song Title: “Animal” Artist: Mike Why Album: Run My Mouth (2014) Website: N/A

You can purchase Run My Mouth by Mike Why at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/run-my-mouth-ep/1110190649 SONG #4:

Song Title: “Person” Artist: Sean Altman Album: SeanDEMOnium (1997) Website: www.seanaltman.com

You can purchase SeanDEMOnium by Sean Altman at: http://www.seanaltman.com SONG #5:

Song Title: “Hodja” Artist: Todd Rundgren Album: A Cappella (1985) Website: www.todd-rundgren.com

You can purchase A Cappella by Todd Rundgren at: https://www.amazon.com/Cappella-Todd-Rundgren/dp/B00000348M SONG #6:

Song Title: “Mere Words” Artist: Bobby McFerrin Album: Bang Zoom (1995) Website: www.bobbymcferrin.com

You can purchase Bang Zoom by Bobby McFerrin at: https://www.amazon.com/Bang-Zoom-Bobby-McFerrin/dp/B000005GZ6 SONG #7:

Song Title: “When You Go” Artist: Jonathan Coulton Album: Thing A Week Three (2006) Website: www.jonathancoulton.com

You can purchase Thing A Week Three by Jonathan Coulton at: http://www.jonathancoulton.com SONG #8:

Song Title: “Never Enough” Artist: Peter Hollens Album: The Greatest Showman A Cappella (2018) Website: http://peterhollens.com

You can purchase The Greatest Showman A Cappella by Peter Hollens at: http://peterhollens.com SONG #9:

Song Title: “Mothership” Artist: Kid Beyond Album: Amplivate (2006) Website: www.kidbeyond.com

You can purchase Amplivate by Kid Beyond at: https://www.amazon.com/Amplivate-Kid-Beyond/dp/B000G8PK60


Song Title: “Spat” Artist: Dave Baumgartner (from Almost Recess) Album: Number 2 (2007) Website: www.almostrecess.com

You can purchase Number 2 by Almost Recess at: http://www.amazon.com/Number-2-Almost-Recess/dp/B00104B3T2

SONG #10:

Song Title: “A Quote In Song” Artist: Sean P. Gorecki Album: N/A Website: N/A


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