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Chris Maier and Paul Maier

Our Liner Notes
90 MIN2017 JAN 4
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We're back! Kicking of our second year of OLN, we bring you our first theme of the new year "Debut Albums". While Paul plays songs from a 90's pop/rock staple group (9:37, 33:02, 46:41, 1:02:06: 1:16:33), Chris plays tracks from the Canada's answer to Alt-Rock of the same era (22:16, 40:08, 53:40, 1:10:02, 1:23:49). All this plus Thanksgiving/the Bears (1:30), Black Friday (6:00), Dolly Parton (17:30), grunge vocals (20:20), the forgotten show (29:30), the TRUE OLN origin story (30:55), Hard Core Logo (43:30), lyrical content (51:00), Travelling Wilbur's (59:00), looney's + cigarette butts (1:00:00), talent vs good listening (1:07:00), longest held note (1:08:00), heroin is a hell of a drug (1:13:30), Paul wasn't a fan of the 80's (1:20:00) and when videos were king (1:21:00).

Intro: Blur - Popscene    Outro: Dolly Parton Shine

Albums This Week: Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid - Collective Soul     Picture of Health - Headstones

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