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96 MIN2015 JAN 26
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Coming to you LIVE…. (to tape) from the University of South Florida St. Pete it’s another Mobile RAWtalk.  That’s right, we were in Florida for the latest RAWtalk because I was invited onto the GRID by Scott Kelby.  


A HUGE thank you goes out to Nathan for helping set up everything on the campus and to Sam Hamberg for helping rest the cameras and more during RAWtalk. 


This weeks Episode is Sponsored by ATOMOS.  We used the Atomos Ninja II to record for over an hour and a half without having to rest the camera.  That right there is worth the price of admission.  You know how you are limited to only 29:59 of record time on most DSLR’s?  The way around that is to use an ATOMOS which not only lets you record none stop but gives you an even higher quality video to work with than the camera itself.  Atomos has units that fit in the pocket to the latest and greatest the SHOGUN which will record 4K, for more winning!!!  For more info please check out Atomos.com


There was a RANT, fun with the people in attendance, laughing, crying, earmuffs and who brings their toddler to one of my shows?  Stephen has his photo news and we still spun the WHEEL OF FRO. 


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Enjoy the show.