The Eczema Podcast

Abby Lai

The Eczema Podcast
23 MIN2016 DEC 9
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In this episode, I interview Michelle from PurelyTwins, who shares her inspirational eczema journey on how she healed and overcame eczema.

Michelle and her twin sister, Lori, run an online blog about fitness, health, and recipes. Michelle is not only a blogger, but also a personal trainer and recipe developer.

Here's what you'll learn in today's podcast:

-How eczema affected Michelle’s life
-How Michelle healed her eczema
-How light therapy/phototherapy can help eczema
-Why protein is needed in healing your eczema
-How epsom salts brought eczema relief
-How mindset can make a difference in your skin
-Michelle’s transformational eczema story
-Products that worked best for her eczema
-The diet that worked best for Michelle
-Other eczema remedies that helps Michelle’s skin heal



Click here to read the full blog post or watch the video podcast:





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