1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales

Jon Hagadorn

1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales
41 MIN2016 OCT 12
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This classic short story by Washington Irving is a well-written tale of life in the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town in New York State in an area bordering the Hudson River , where many Dutch and German immigrants settled after Henry Hudson's explorations. Along with a desire to work hard and prosper, the Dutch brought with them their superstitions..and the deep woods and wild things in that country provided a great setting for stories. In this story, a tall, gangly schoolteacher named Ichabod Crane battles with a favorite local hero for the affections of a wealthy Dutch maid. Irving is a master of the English language and uses rich, descriptive words and phrases in his story, providing a great way for the listener to brush up on the better side of the English language.

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