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Well, Well, Well
27 MIN2018 OCT 11
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Housing Plus

On this week’s episode, we focused on homelessness amongst people living with HIV. We look at the intersection between homelessness, being LGBTIQ and HIV. We explore different social and cultural factors that influence homelessness in people living with HIV and discuss how homelessness ties into mental health, physical health and overall well being.

Claudia Validum who heads the Housing Plus Program at the Positive Living Centre joins Jessie and her volunteer co-host Martin to discuss the program and share her experience around working in this sector.

The Housing Plus Program specifically supports people living with HIV to access and navigate the housing services, whilst understanding the unique challenges they face.

For more about the Housing Plus Program: https://thorneharbour.org/hiv-aids/hiv-positive-services/housing-plus/

Other useful links:

Victorian Housing Register: https://www.housing.vic.gov.au/victorian-housing-register

Launch Housing: https://www.launchhousing.org.au/

Housing Choices: http://www.housingchoices.org.au/

Housing Plus Program telephone number: 9863 0444