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8 MIN2018 DEC 14
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The Man with the Poison Gun – A Cold War Spy Story, isSerhii Plokhy’sfirst non-fiction thriller. It focuses on the life of Bogdan Stashinsky, the assassin who killed Stepan Bandera and Lev Rebet.

The very first paragraph sets up a shocking comparison between fiction and real life. In the fall of 1961 while, ”David Cornwell, a British spy more commonly known as John le Carré, was contemplating the writing of his first bestselling novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, the West German police were [actually] interrogating a Soviet spy.”

That spy was Bogdan Stashinsky.

This is a very interesting book about post-war Soviet and European politics. Readers will be surprised to learn that Ian Fleming actually modelled part of his novel, The Man with the Golden Gun, on the actions of Bogdan Stashinsky.

The Man with the Poison Gun – A Cold War Spy Story is available at Amazon. (Affiliate link here.)

Full transcript at our website. (Link here.)