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Kosta Panagoulias, Bootstrapped SaaS Founder

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Think of absolutely ANY business problem a company might face.
The one thing that can absolutely solve just about any business problem is… SALES!
That’s right – in one way or another, more generating more sales can solve those plaguing business problems that are in your way.
Need to make a few key hires in your business? Increase sales so you can afford to make them.
Need to launch those products that have been in the back burner for a while? Increase sales so you can afford to hire another developer.
Burning cash every month? Increase sales to be cash flow positive.
Expenses outpacing sales? Increase sales to make up for it.
Need to improve your company’s branding? Increase sales so you can afford a branding person.
Customer support falling by the wayside? Increase sales so you can afford more support people.
Need to step up your marketing? Increase sales so you can afford a marketing budget.
Get the point? Sales can help solve, or at the very least, alleviate nearly any business problem that a company faces.
Most small and bootstrapped businesses have resource problems. In most cases, these companies have so many opportunities in front of them that aren’t being taken advantage of because they simply don’t have the resources or time to tackle them. Small companies are often forced to prioritize and pick their battles, which means leaving opportunities (and money) on the sideline.
The common reaction for companies in these positions are to go out and seek some funding. An injection of liquidity can usually help many of these situations. However, for bootstrappers, that injection has to come from customers, and that means more sales.
Sales solves every problem.