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11 MIN2015 OCT 25
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Today we have a very special sacred acoustics guided meditation for you. This meditation is from Dr. Eben Alexander, neurologist and best-selling author of Proof of Heaven and Karen Newall, today’s guests on the show. You can find out more about this meditation, and the amazing health benefits of sacred acoustics on today’s show.

This is a very powerful meditation, body, mind, and soul that can have exceptionally positive effects on you.

However, an important note: Do not listen while driving OR operating heavy machinery. One more time, do NOT listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.

There is so much to share about this meditation I highly recommend listening to today’s interview from Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell.

---Great for Relaxation, Health, Healing, Focus, Concentration, ADHD, and Quieting the Mind---

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I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way.


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Relax, Recharge & Quiet Your Mind with this Sacred Acoustics Meditation from Dr Eben Alexander (As Seen on Oprah) Author NYT Best-Seller Proof of Heaven & Karen Newell | Spirituality | Inspiration | Health | Focus | Attention | ADHD | Healing | Self-Help