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Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler
76 MIN2018 FEB 14
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If you’ve ever wanted a stronger, deeper, and more loving relationship, then do we have the show for you.

Today we’ll talk about dropping your shields, diving deep, healing your heart, and building the strongest, healthiest, most caring relationship you can.

  1. How Michael and Jessica met
  2. Why Jessica wasn’t dating before she met Michael.
  3. Why she didn’t want to date Michael
  4. What happened after they got married?
  5. Why things were so difficult?
  6. What they learned from their early years in their relationship?
  7. Why their relationship was so challenging?
  8. How they began shifting the relationship?
  9. What big changes did they make in the relationship?
  10. What did they learn (positives) from the difficulties?
  11. What it meant to become more heart opened?
  12. What it means to truly love and be in a relationship
  13. How do we break through to show our fears, move past our fears, and express ourselves?
  14. How do we feel truly safe in a relationship?
  15. What does it mean to really put yourself out there in a relationship?
  16. Why our partner may be our greatest button-pusher?
  17. What we can learn from Temple Grandin about soothing ourselves?
  18. How we can build a stronger relationship?
  19. What’s the leap of faith we want to do for our partner if they’re really upset?
  20. What we can do to find our partner if we’re single?
  21. Where do we look to find our partner?
  22. What work do we want to do if we’re single?

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