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Gene Monterastelli

Tapping Q & A Podcast
38 MIN2015 AUG 5
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We we are tapping we are trying to clear the trauma, events, and emotions that have come up in our lives causing us discomfort, disease, and limiting beliefs. If it is true that we can find our way to the moments that causes these issues then it must also be true that we can find our way to a time in our system before these moments.

Jacqui Crooks has developed a process which helps us to return to that original pre-issue state. Not only are we able to clear the issues but also reclaim that pre-issue state. In this interview she shares how we can access what she calls our original "blueprint".

Even though there is a blueprint of the shining essence of me and I forgot that that is who I am, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though I forgot, I now gratefully accept help from my guides, helpers, angels, source, my higher self and all parts of me, to help and support, while cleaning, clearing and repairing all damage to my chakras, aura or any of my bodies, so that I return wholly to that shining, glowing essence of who I am.

Even though I forgot, I'm choosing now, to align to that blueprint of my shining essence and I ask that this is fuelled so that it continues, in ways that I don't need to know, continually clearing the connection to source, so that I can continue to shine and glow and completely fill that me shaped space in the universe.