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32 MIN2017 APR 3
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This week’s post and Podcast Episode topic came from another great suggestion from Marcus.
He forwarded me some details about the concept of building websites to rank for local search terms in a particular area and then renting them out for $500-$1000/month or selling them for a profit.
The concept is simple, build a bunch of different websites for terms like “atlanta plumbers”, “tampa pool companies” or a similar type of service that customers would be looking to spend money on in a local area.
Additionally, the primary article I used for research also talked about ranking for terms like “near me”, for instance, “antique stores near me” or “apartments near me”.
Building 1-2 Page Websites For Profit
The sites will be VERY simple, 1-2 page websites with a primary article with around 1000 words targeting the particular phrases you’re looking to rank for and a contact page.  That’s it as far as content goes!
Here is an example from the reference article…

You can see it is definitely nothing fancy.  No professional web design skills needed.
Then go out and get 1-2 backlinks from pretty much anywhere, just so Google will see the link and head on over and crawl the site to get your rankings going. You can use any existing websites you might have for that, or just search for “internet directory backlinks” in Google.
Then do the same for a bunch of similar sites for different terms or locations and let them sit out there for a month or two and see which ones start to rank on their own.
Since this is not an exact science, you’ll probably be surprised which ones rank and which ones won’t, so the more sites you can put out there the better. As Glen said in the reference article…
This is a numbers game. The more sites you have in play, the more chance you have of succeeding.
After a month or two, type in your targeted search terms into Google and see how your rankings are going.  Or even better, plug your URL into either the limited free or 14 day full trial of SEMrush and let it report back on what you’re ranking for automatically.
If you went from oblivion to page 1-5 of Google, that’s what you’re looking for. For those sites, add in another article or two to rank for some related terms, go out and get another couple easy backlinks and keep an eye on things over the coming weeks.
The goal is to have website(s) centered around a particular phrase on the first page of Google, that a local business in your targeted area would be more than happy to pay for, to get additional exposure and leads for their business.
The best part is that once you get there, you already have the social proof that you know what you’re doing, since you’ve been able to rank a website on the first page of Google.
Renting or Selling Your Site For Profit
At that point you just have to decide which route you want to go.  You could approach small businesses over the phone or via email to try and get them to rent your site for somewhere between $500-$1000 a month, or whatever you feel is appropriate.
If the idea of reaching out directly to folks is intimidating, or something you’re not comfortable doing just yet, you can always just post the website for sale on a site like Flippa and take the profits and use them to build out more sites.
Here are two examples from the source article showing where Glen was able to se...