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48 MIN2018 NOV 8
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Did you pick Lome, Togo and Seattle, Washington for your next round of smooth connection opportunities? If so, please step forward to claim your prize.

Also in this episode:

* Singapore Airlines adds Seattle to its route map
* Ethiopian shifts its LAX feed to Lome
* IATA gets more aggressive on Brexit (and Stephan might change a vacation as a result)
* Icelandair buys out WOW
* Someone will probably buy out Alitalia. Maybe. And it might not really have a loyalty program by the time that happens.
* American adjusts EXP rules
* United Airlines faces a lawsuit over its actions related to a catering facility listeria outbreak
* Engine issues and engine issues because we like to rile Fozz up from time to time
* And a first flight, just to round out the list