The What If? Podcast

Spencer Wirth-Davis & Ryan Kopperud

The What If? Podcast
86 MIN2017 MAY 3
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The dudes are talking about people who have mysteriously vanished. They try and get to the bottom of the Missing 411 series by David Paulides. Is it bigfoot? Aliens? dimensional portals? They also have a Bruno Watch 2017 update, the tale of Robot Grandma, the Henry McCabe voicemail, and some listener-submitted ghost stories.

Hot Topics: Missing 411, David Paulides, A Sobering Coincidence, Robot Grandma, Mount Shasta reptilians, Bruno Watch 2017, Aurora Steve, Gotcha Bitch, Watch Out Little Bitch, Ghost Stories, Henry McCabe.

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CanAm Missing

Missing 411 movie trailer

Henry McCabe voicemail

Bruno Borges updates