Excellent Executive Coaching: Bringing Your Coaching One Step Closer to Excelling

Host Katrina Burrus PhD, MCC interviews leaders fr

Excellent Executive Coaching: Bringing Your Coaching One Step Closer to Excelling
18 MIN2016 DEC 1
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Why Leaders Need Coaching Skills

Dr Katrina Burrus, MCC questions Lori Shook, M.Sc, CPCC, MCC :
How do coaching skills help leaders lead others?
What’s the connection between coaching skills and emotional intelligence?
How can leaders integrate coaching into their leadership style?
How does neuroscience help leaders apply coaching skills?
What is your experience with training leaders to coach?

Who is Lori Shook?

Trainer, coach, speaker, author

Professional Coach since 1997 and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2001, Lori has coached small business owners, managers and executives around the world. She has worked with people from a variety of organisations including IBM, Capgemini, UN, Siemens and Johnson& Johnson.

Since 1998, Lori has also been training coaches and training leaders to use coaching skills. She has served on faculty at The Coaches Training Institute, Performance Consultants International and CRRGlobal.

Consistent with Lori’s background in science and engineering, her approach to coaching is practical and pragmatic: she insists that instead of simple problem solving, coaching is many times more productive when the focus is on enriching the client’s internal world so they can reach their stated goals with more clarity of purpose and less self-interference. Recent findings from neuroscience make this approach straightforward and accessible for clients.

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