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C. Lee Smith and Audrey Strong

Manage Smarter
21 MIN2018 DEC 2
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48 Suicide, Domestic Violence, Mental Health & Managers  Kristie Knights is a Psychotherapist in Private Practice and a Keynote Speaker in Suicide Prevention and Awareness. She provides assessment, education, and strategies to C-Level organizations, including C-Suite Executives in Psychological Health and Safety Management. Kristie is also the CEO of the iRise Leadership Institute and author of the book "Unsung Heroes: Deconstructing Suicide Through Stories of Triumph."

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Kristie discuss: ·          
The huge jump in C-Suite suicide rates since 2010Domestic violence, PTSD and other strugglesSigns to look for to recognize a colleague is in distress·           
Programs your company should have to react to an employee in crisis·           
How to approach and talk to a colleague you think may be in crisis 

“You know, there is an expectation with C-Suite in particular that they will be strong, they will be the rock of the company, and so often they are spending more time caring for others that they neglect to care for themselves.” – Kristie Knights

The National Suicide Hotline phone number is 1-800-273-8255

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