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Corine Sandifer

Rising Stories
24 MIN2017 OCT 5
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October is breast cancer awareness month and my guest today is no stranger to the struggles and challenges of cancer.

She has written a book called Lavender Hair that follows her fight against breast cancer and her journey to wholeness. You might know her best from a show called Saturday Night Live.  She was part of the SNL cast 1986 to 1992.

She is comedian, writer, speaker and now breast cancer survivor. Victoria and I met a few months ago and right away I knew that she needed to be on my show. Not because she is an author, or was on SNL but because she is a women with so much gusto and tenacity to keep rising in her career even after being diagnosed with cancer.

Victoria and I talked about how a working woman functions within the context of having cancer and her message to anyone who is faced with this diagnosis. This is one podcast you don't want to miss as Victoria sings a little song for us. 

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