Wei Under Par

Stephanie Wei and Nikki B

Wei Under Par
55 MIN2017 AUG 31
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PGA Tour pro Andres Gonzales is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met when we were 15 through our swing coach (Joe Thiel) back in our junior golf days. We practiced and played a lot together, and Andres often caddied for me at qualifiers for USGA events, among other tournaments.

He was the only guy friend in high school that my parents were cool with letting me have (platonic) sleepovers with. (Strict Asian immigrant parents!)

We reminisced and took a walk down memory lane with funny and random stories from our youth on and off the golf course -- mostly about Andres embarrassing me when I used to be super shy. Like when he pulled this stunt.  

Andres' wife Kristin, whom I've also known since we were 15/16-years-old, makes a couple of cameos, along with their two lovely daughters Tova and Marit. 

Tune in for lots of laughs and stories. I'm a sentimental person, so I love that there a few things that don't change -- perhaps they evolve, but the foundation, so to speak, remains the same. 

Note: *This was recorded the week of the Barracuda Championship.*