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Hilliard Guess' Screenwriters Rant Room
88 MIN2018 NOV 5
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Hilliard and Chris sit down with Deric A. Hughes to talk about his crazy journey from the Writers On The Verge Program to Co Executive Producer on two of the hottest genre series: FLASH & ARROW!   www.bit.ly/SWRR-229     Warren Ellis' Planetary Stephen King's ON WRITING    John Cassidy (Comic Artist)   Robert Hewitt Wolfe Gene Roddenberry's ANDROMEDA DEEP SPACE NINE   NBC's Writers On The Verge Warehouse 13 Rescue Me   Greg Bertlanti Writing Rule: Heart, Humor, Spectacle   Deric’s Writing Partner Ben Raab   Shout out to the Micheaux Mission Podcast (http://www.micheauxmission.com/) for keeping it on point with their discussion of Black films!
Fans of the show, your support is always welcome, and as we mentioned on the show, here's the link to this game-giving podcast's Patreon link: http://bit.ly/SWRRPatreon
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