WTF Should I Do W/ My Life?!

Jacob Sokol - Life Coach, Philosopher, Old School

WTF Should I Do W/ My Life?!
53 MIN2015 DEC 5
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Phillippe Drolet. The dude's incredible.

First, a well-kept secret: For the past year, Phil and I have been accountability partners, checking in with and helping each other strategize for how to take our lives (& businesses) to the next level.

Second, if you're a young adult looking to get their sh*t together, THIS CHAT IS A MUST-LISTEN! Still only 25 years old, Phil's got an inspiring story that is SUPER relatable to yours and mine.

Check out this chat with Phil to learn:
An unconventional & non-traditional way to get the job of your dreams
What success REALLY is (& his old definition of it used to trap him)
How to get over your fear of failure and take M-A-S-S-I-V-E action
How to overcome self-doubts & insecurities while earning your confidence