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Thirst Aid Kit
81 MIN2018 DEC 20
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It's our season 3 finale and let's just get straight to it: We've got Wilson Bethel AKA Wade Kinsella AKA Bullseye in the building! What a delightful, funny, thoughtful man he is. We could barely maintain our professionalism. We talk about everything from his spoken word beginnings to his chronic shirtlessness. How much of him is Wade Kinsella, Hart of Dixie's charming bad boy? How did he prepare himself to play Benjamin Poindexter, Matt Murdock's disturbing counterpart in Netflix's gone-too-soon Daredevil? You'll get these answers and so much more in this episode. Be sure to stay tuned for Fanfic Wars, which we dedicated to our most embarrassing Thirst Objects.

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