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The Odd Podcast with Joe Parisi
58 MIN2017 MAY 1
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John Massari is a composer who has created hundreds of iconic scores for film and television.  I assure you that at some point you have been watching a movie or tv show and the music in the background was made by John.  One of my favorite scores that he handled was that of the incredible Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  

We learn all kinds of stuff about this part of the industry in this hour-long chat with John.  He explains how he got his start, how he gets approached to work on projects, what kind of information he is given to go off of when composing music and much much more.  We of course chat about Killer Klowns as well.

If you've ever wondered about this side of the entertainment industry, give this episode a listen!  It's very informational and John is a really fun guy to listen to.

Learn more about John on his IMDB page HERE

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