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Jessica Watchorn

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56 MIN2016 SEP 24
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Today I bring you an interview with Kelli Maeshiro. When I heard Kelli had moved to the Philippines to try to make art full time, I knew it was a story I would want to share with you. She saved up some money and gave herself two years to try to make a living from her art in Manila. Since moving to Manila she’s already found a market for her paintings, and sold out her first solo show before it even officially opened.

In this interview I ask her how and why she moved to a country she’d never even been to in order to work full time on art. She shares tips on integrating into a new art scene, working with galleries, and running your studio and business, including the many uses of spreadsheets for artists! Love it!

Check out her work, find links, and get my top takeaways at http://artpropodcast.com/007-kelli-maeshiro/