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51 MIN2017 OCT 8
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October 7, 2017
S3E2 Bryne Visits Hood River

Listener Challenge #34 – Jellyfish!
For this week, Jellyfish at least once a day to assist with body alignment. How to Jellyfish? It’s easy, dangle arms gently, wiggle toes and fingers and float through the room like a jellyfish at sea. Begin with slow, easy, fluid movement and build up to grand gestures of silly sea creature behavior. Intuition guides, as a sense of freedom is felt to move the body into alignment.

Thought Seed TV Show
Game of Thrones (2011) – HBO
Arya Stark’s mentor experiences and adventures in self-discovery are relatable
Thought Seed Book
Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha – Sex at Dawn
New layers of human courtship have been ingested with an open mind

Bryne and Lynnardo discuss energy healing in Hood River, OR. (2017.09.18)
1. Bryne chats about his 3 favorite things in Hood River
2. Thoughts about efficiency noticed while on the Full Sail Brewery tour
3. Businesses visited while walking around town
4. Quantum Touch workshop at Awakening Essence in White Salmon WA
5. What is the basic concept behind chakras?
6. Thoughts about a Lynnardo Doppelganger at the energy workshop
7. Joy of going to each other’s Pink Zone’s
8. Bryne received a hot shave and cold beer from Mike at Rooks in Hood River


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