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Ancestral Health Radio

James Kevin Broderick

Ancestral Health Radio
60 min2017 NOV 10
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Is it possible to heal trauma in our personal and family lives by connecting with our well, deceased ancestors?


Provided you possess a beginner’s mindset equipped with the right animistic framework, my guest today, Dr. Daniel Foor of AncestralMedicine.org, would say yes—you absolutely can.

This week, Daniel and I delve into practical animism: where ritual and ceremony are used as tools for personal, family, and cultural healing.

A few months ago I was surprised to receive an early copy of Daniel's magnum opus, aptly titled Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. Since then, I've probably recommended Daniel's book to nearly all my closest rewilding friends.


Partly because trauma—and ways we heal from trauma—was central to many of the topics shared at this year's first annual North American Rewilding Conference. It’s also worth mentioning that Daniel’s work was brought up several times throughout the two-and-a-half-day experience.

So, without further adieu:

In today's episode, you'll learn...

  • How our well and unwell ancestors influence the living and non-living;
  • How directly speaking with the spirits and other-than-humans can break centuries of colonialism, patriarchy, and scientism;
  • How practical animism directly enriches our day-to-day relationships; and...
  • Much, much more.