Revive Yourself Podcast With Ryan Martin

Revive Yourself Podcast With Ryan Martin

Revive Yourself Podcast With Ryan Martin
59 MIN2018 JUN 18
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On today’s episode, I spoke to one of my best friends and outstanding coach John Hyatt. In fact, John was the first person I have had record in the studio with me which was a fun experience.

Currently, John has his own company called H2D Sports Management where he coaches both amateur and professional footballers to improve their all-around game and develop them as a person.

John has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to developing players and people having previously worked in a premiership setup for Tottenham Hotspur as Workforce Development Officer & Global Coach, before he was poached by prestigious private school Royal Russell where he was head of football and achieved phenomenal results with the students both on and off the pitch.

In today’s show we discuss:

John’s path into coaching and player development

What he learned from being in a premiership and private school set up

How children learn best, and, why parents need to lead by example

Why different methods of coaching are needed for different children

How educating the children to have a well rounded holistic approach to health has lead to better performance

The differences he sees in children today compared to 5 years ago in terms of concentration, posture, movement etc & much more

It was an absolute pleasure to have John on and to hear him speak with such passion about coaching and his philosophy on how to create not just better footballers, but, better people too.

We’ll definitely be getting John on in the future to discuss the trends he’s seeing and the different protocols he’s developed to improve children even further.

You can find John here:


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