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Summit For Wellness Podcast

Bryan Carroll

Summit For Wellness Podcast
47 MINMAY 21
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There are so many diets that exclude certain food types. For instance, gluten-free diets obviously remove gluten containing foods from the diet, and same with dairy-free diets and dairy containing foods.But other diet types are restrictive as well. Vegans remove meat or animal sources from their diet, while carnivore dieters remove plants from their diets.While many of these diets have good intentions behind them, they may not actually be great for the long term.Talking with Dr. Kim Bretz, we will be chatting about what these blank-free diets do to your gut microbiome, and how gut healing programs should look.What To Expect From This Episode

How do diets impact our microbiome

What types of food can feed or starve the good bacteria in our guts

How protocols would look to improve gut health and then reintroduce other foodsTop foods and nutrients that are gut friendly

Shownotes* [2:30] What was the reason Dr. Kim Bretz became a Naturopath* [7:30] Things that we have learned from fecal matter transplants* [8:30] Looking at the bugs and bacteria in the body has changed Dr. Kim's views on how to assess nutritional information* [11:45] Does bacteria prefer certain nutrients to feast on, or a variety of nutrients* [14:15] When eating processed food, is that supplying any good nutrients to the good bacteria* [17:00] Are blank-free diets beneficial to health, and what can be the long term effects* [23:00] When limiting your dietary type, what happens when circumstances change and those foods are hard to find* [26:30] Practitioners need to have exit strategies for their clients and patients so they aren't left in an unsustainable lifestyle* [27:30] What would a protocol look like for someone who is working on their gut* [33:00] Which oats are better for the gut bugs* [34:45] What happens when people feel really good on their changes and don't want to revert back to old foods* [36:30] How can people start expanding their palate to consume a wider variety of foods* [42:45] Trying new foods helps your taste buds to refine their ability to sense true foods

Transcript For Episode (Transcripts aren't even close to 100% Accurate)

Bryan Carroll: [00:00:15] At this point, we have all heard about the different diet types that. Exclude a certain type of food such as a gluten free diet or a dairy free diet. There are even meat-free or vegan diets and carb free or low carb diets.Everywhere you turn, there's some sort of blank free diet that people are on. While oftentimes, people have good intentions when trying out these diets, it doesn't mean that they are the perfect option for health. For instance, I could be eating a vegan diet by only eating Oreos. But that doesn't mean it is healthy for me, but when it comes to these types of diets, there are other factors that we often forget could be impacted by limiting the variety of foods that you eat.What's up everyone? I'm Bryan Carroll and I'm here to help people move more, eat well and be adventurous. And today, Dr. Kim Bretz's will be helping us to debunk some of the blank free diets and how to get more variety into your diet to improve your gut health. And if you like the content of this episode, then it would be very helpful if you left a quick rating and review for us in your favorite podcast app.It just helps us spread the word about the show and allows others to find this information. Now let's get into my conversation with Dr. Kim. Bretz's. Dr. Kim. Bretz's is a naturopathic doctor, international speaker, and adjunct faculty at the university of Waterloo pharmacy, and she believes everyone should be able to eat without pain.An advocates for eating a wide variety of foods.  combines the best research available along with clinical experience and patient preference to achieve outstanding results with her patient...