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Summit For Wellness Podcast

Bryan Carroll

Summit For Wellness Podcast
27 MINMAY 28
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The immune system. We all know we have one, but most of us don't understand what it actually does for us, and the only way we know to support it is through medical interventions like medication.However, the immune system is much more complex than what a single pill can fix.Even though it is very complex, just understanding the basics of how your immune system protects you will provide a ton of information that you can use to support your own body.Like I mentioned in this episode, using your immune system as your front line of defense is the most important thing you can do, but it does not guarantee that you won't get sick. But hopefully it will allow you to fight off pathogens easier when you do come face to face with one.What To Expect From This Episode

The different types of immune systems in your body

How each type of immune system protects you and categorizes pathogens for future attacks

Simple understanding of how these systems work together, and how it gets suppressed in your bodyWays to support your immune system

Shownotes* [1:15] There is no guarantee that your immune system will be able to fight off every single pathogen* [2:00] We are surrounded by pathogens, and our immune system is protecting us from those pathogens all the time* [4:15] The human body has 2 primary immune systems, which are called the Innate Immune System and the Adaptive Immune System* [4:45] The Innate Immune System is the first line of defense for your body* [6:30] Antacids and PPI's can reduce your Innate Immune System's first line of defenses to protect you from pathogens* [7:30] Intestinal Permeability or leaky gut can be an entryway for pathogens to enter your system* [8:00] Mast cells are looking for "suspicious" intruders in your body so it can release histamine and trap it* ​[9:15] Phagocytes are spread throughout the body and are ready to act quickly to stop pathogens* [11:30] Dendritic cells take antigens to the Adaptive Immune System so that it can recognize what exactly to attack* [12:00] The Adaptive Immune System's role is to label pathogens and are the heavy attackers in the immune system army* [12:30] B Lymphocytes attach antibodies to the antigens of a pathogen so that it is labeled as something to attack in the future* [13:15] The Innate Immune System reacts quickly and takes care of most invaders, while the Adaptive Immune System can take days to react but are needed for huge attacks* [14:30] Our bodies are complicated and the medical research is constantly evolving, and how our immune system reacts to each pathogen can be different* [15:00] Every cell in the body requires nutrients to function, yet we don't hear about the nutrients to support your immune system* [17:00] Nutrients can be wasted to fight off poor food choices in your body instead of fighting off pathogens* [18:00] Some nutrients supportive for the immune system are Vitamins C, D, E, some B Vitamins, and minerals Selenium, Copper, Iron, and Zinc* [22:00] What my current immune supporting regimen looks like

Transcript For Episode (Transcripts aren't even close to 100% Accurate)

Bryan Carroll: [00:00:00] Welcome to the summit for wellness podcast where we help you climb to the peak of your health. And now here is your host, Bryan Carroll. I'm sure right now you've been paying attention to all of the current virus outbreak information, and you have probably been hearing a lot about different medications and medical and interventions that.They have been working through to see what is effective for this specific virus. However, what you probably have not heard anything about is what your own immune system can do. Right now we are being told to wash our hands and to remain six feet away from people, but that doesn't tell us any other information about the immune system and how t...