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Summit For Wellness Podcast

Bryan Carroll

Summit For Wellness Podcast
62 MINJUN 18
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This is the year that everyone seems to be getting into gardening, which makes sense since a lot of people have more time on their hands and there are also threats of food shortages in the future.Sometimes gardening can seem like a daunting task, especially if you've had the bad luck of always killing your plants in the past (I've been there). This is why I brought on Melissa K. Norris to help walk us through steps to make gardening easier and more successful.One of the common themes of this episode is we both recommend going out and getting your hands dirty. The best way to learn is to try because you'll learn a lot about your environment, garden area, and which plants grow better in your area.Below you can also find a lot of great resources to learn more about gardening, and more about the zoning of your local area.What To Expect From This Episode

What are the common mistakes people make when first starting a garden

The easiest plants to get comfortable growing

Which plants are great for long term storage and how to store them correctlyBest ways to get rid of pests without harming your other plants

Shownotes* [2:15] What is Melissa's background and what got her interested in homesteading* [5:45] Chicken was considered a "treat" for Melissa because she didn't grow up raising chickens* [7:15] What are some common mistakes people make when they get started gardening* [10:00] One of the common mistakes with soil is that people don't use the right soils or composts to plant in* [11:30] The simplest way to get started with gardening without the overwhelmed is by growing herbs* [14:15] Would you use potting soil for raised beds* [16:15] When planting herbs in pots, do you have to pay attention to the amount of light they get* [17:30] After planting herbs, what are the next best plants to grow for a bigger harvest* [19:30] The plants that provide more bounty per seed, are you able to harvest all summer long* [23:30] Which plants are great for long term storage* [30:00] For plants that don't store well long term, how can you still use them all year* [34:00] If you are inner city and don't have much room to grow a garden, what options do you have* [37:00] Can you use hydroponics as a way to grow some plants* [39:45] Which companion plants work really well to protect your garden* [44:30] What tricks work for slugs and snails* [47:30] For watering your plants, what methods work the best* [50:30] The best way to get started is to get the plant or seed and just start doing it

Resources From This EpisodeSome of these resources may contain affiliate links, which provides a small commission to me (at no extra expense to you).* Join Melissa's Organic Gardening Workshop- Learn More* The Family Garden Plant Book- Get on Amazon* Get Melissa's Free Plan to Grow Food For a Year- Learn More* Plant Hardiness Zone Map- See The Map* Home Freeze Dryer Options- Learn More* Get herbal support from our store, Mountainside Herbals!

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Bryan Carroll: [00:00:14] You decided that this will be the year. You will have your own garden. There is nothing quite like having homegrown foods because o...