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Summit For Wellness Podcast

Bryan Carroll

Summit For Wellness Podcast
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How long do you think it takes to create a habit? Originally it was thought that it only took 21 days, but if you have ever been on a diet before, you'll know that is not true.Actually in fact right now the theory is that it can take 66-365 days to create a habit. It is tough to determine because there are a lot of factors that go into breaking old habits.For instance, if you have been writing with your right hand for 50 years, it will take much longer than 21 days to make your left hand comfortable with writing.So when it comes to creating healthy habits, what can we do to make the habits more convenient so that you can be more successful?What To Expect From This Episode

What are the differences between healthy habits and unhealthy habits

How to take something you want to change, and break it down into actionable steps

Ways to make the healthy habits more convenientHow to not feel deprived in life, yet still improving your health

Shownotes* [2:45] What got Kathleen into fitness and health* [5:00] Kathleen wasn't always fit and it took her mom pushing her for her to be interested in health* [6:15] You have to make the choice of improving your health, someone else can't make that choice for you* [7:30] How can you make health choices a "non-negotiable"* [10:30] At one point can a healthy habit become an unhealthy habit* [14:15] Are there common health habits people struggle with the most* [17:30] How do you determine which habit you want to work on, and then how can you break it down into actionable steps* [21:15] For people who are really social and love to hang with friends, how can they make the bad habits inconvenient* [25:30] If you make unhealthy decisions, take note of how you feel afterwards and see if it is something you want to change* [27:30] When you make healthy choices and then you go back to the habits you used to have, you'll get a good idea of how bad you felt before* [29:00] How do you handle friends or family who question your choices* [31:45] Should you have to explain the reasons behind your decisions to affirm to others it isn't because of them* [34:00] What are some final thoughts on making healthy habits more convenient

Transcript For Episode (Transcripts aren't even close to 100% Accurate)

Bryan: [00:00:15] It used to be thought that it only took 21 days to create a new habit. And anyone who has ever done a 30 day diet or fitness challenge can tell you that is not true.In fact, the theory now is that it could take anywhere between 66 and 365 days to create a habit, which is a pretty wide range. If you ask me and while starting a healthy habit usually has good intentions behind it. Oftentimes these short term stretches don't support you very well for the longterm gains.What's up everyone. I'm Bryan Carroll and I'm here to help people move more, eat well and be adventurous. And today Kathleen Trotter is going to help us to make healthy habits more convenient so that it becomes harder to fall back to our old unhealthy habits. She walks us through different processes to find the habits that are the best to change for you and how to break them down to make it simple.So let's get into my interview with Kathleen. Kathleen Trotter is a fitness expert, media personality, personal trainer writer, life coach, and overall health enthusiast. She is the author of finding your fit, a compassionate trainers guide to making fitness a lifelong habit. And Kathleen's passion is motivating others to find their fit.Welcome to the show, Kathleen. Kathleen Trotter: [00:01:37] Oh, it's my pleasure. I'm excited to be here and help your listeners find their fit. And I loved you. Call me a health enthusiast, which I just that's. That's what it is, because I think that too often health becomes something. Overwhelming. It's an obligation.