The Autoimmune Hour

Understanding Autoimmune

The Autoimmune Hour
54 MIN2017 JUL 1
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Highly Sensitive People are easily over stimulated, or stressed out and even notice the finer points of their world such as subtle tastes and smells. They are often overwhelmed by other peoples’ energy and the environment - can you relate? Then join us as we explore the ways the special 20% thrive as we welcome Breakthrough Energy Expert Linda Binns. 

Linda will share ways highly sensitive people can manage their energy, and how to respect and honor the healing process including

What is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Simple ways to manage stress and overwhelm How to become more aware of your energy and ways to incorporate it into your healing and life, plus much more….
Linda Binns helps overwhelmed, overworked and stressed professionals go from stuck to unstoppable. She is the author of 7 books on energy and appears monthly on the AM Northwest television show in Portland, Oregon, as their Resident Energy Expert. Learn more about Linda at www.LindaBinns.com

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