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The Pineapple Podcast: Stories of Infertility

Jessica Thornton

The Pineapple Podcast: Stories of Infertility
41 min2020 AUG 14
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Eli and his wife always knew that it may be challenging to get pregnant due to his wife's diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome, however, when they started doing testing, they realized more was going on. Navigating infertility with their faith, Eli reached out to leaders in his community for support. They decided to move forward with IVF and now have an adorable little one. ⁠

Not only did he share his and his wife's story, but he provided so much great information through the lens of being a therapist. He offers great advice for couples going through infertility and ways to take care of both yourself and your relationship during the process. 

I hope you all enjoy :) Thank you Eli!

You can find him @elivation_therapist on Instagram or on his website, https://www.elivation.org/