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The Pineapple Podcast: Stories of Infertility

Jessica Thornton

The Pineapple Podcast: Stories of Infertility
53 min2020 SEP 3
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This girl is the definition of an #infertilitywarrior. Katie and her husband have undergone 6 rounds of IVF. After not getting pregnant for months after getting married, Katie and her husband went in and got tested for all the things. To their surprise, they had both male factor infertility and diminished ovarian reserve. So began their infertility story. Katie shares her experience through all 6 cycles and describes the various protocols and changes her doctor made to each cycle. Katie also talks about how during the COVID-19 infertility treatment shutdown, she and some other women developed an alliance to advocate for the infertility community and to get treatments going again. She is amazing!!