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The Pineapple Podcast: Stories of Infertility

Jessica Thornton

The Pineapple Podcast: Stories of Infertility
46 min2020 SEP 26
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Tarryn and her husband, who live in Australia, began the TTC process just as we all do, hopeful that they would soon be pregnant. After months of no luck, Tarryn reached out to her doctor to try and get some answers. After multiple tests, her doctor diagnosed her with diminished ovarian reserve. Onto IVF they went. Multiple rounds later and still they were no closer to growing their family. Her doctor ended up doing a laparoscopy and eventually gave her a diagnosis of stage 4 endometriosis. While taking a break from IVF Tarryn had an inkling that something was up so she went and took a pregnancy test. IT WAS POSITIVE!! Now she and her husband have their perfect little boy. Tarryn is an advocate for infertility and endometriosis awareness after she went undiagnosed for so long. Thank you so much for sharing your story!!