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Unbound Healing Podcast

unboundhealing@gmail.com (unboundhealing@gmail.com)

Unbound Healing Podcast
44 min2018 JUL 26
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This week Michelle and Anne are talking about an important but often overlooked aspect of health and healing: limited beliefs. These are the beliefs we hold about ourselves that can hold us back, keep us feeling stuck, and make us feel like we’ll never be enough. Michelle and Anne discuss why this matters for healing autoimmunity and other health issues, what we do when we compare ourselves to others, their own struggles with limiting beliefs, and, best of all, how to bust them.



  • 1:10 - Michelle’s updates
  • 3:07 - Anne’s updates
  • 5:30 - What Michelle is loving
  • 6:53 - Busting limiting beliefs
  • 8:10 - What is a limiting belief?
  • 8:58 - Why does this matter for healing?
  • 11:40 - Comparisons and projections
  • 20:35 - Epigenetics
  • 26:20 - Limiting beliefs that Michelle has had
  • 27:51 - Limiting beliefs that Anne has had
  • 34:08 - How do we get past limiting beliefs?
  • 41:15 - Meal of the week


Links we mentioned in the podcast: